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Indigestion (occasional)


Alcohol, coffee, acidic food—NUX VOMICA

Fats, pastry, and rich food—PULSATILLA

Raw fruits and vegetables—ARSENICUM ALBUM

Accompanied by:

Aversion to sight and smell of food—Arsenicum album, Silicea

Aversion to liquids—PULSATILLA

Aversion to meat—SILICEA

Aversion to pork, fat meat—PULSATILLA

Aversion to warm food—PULSATILLA, SILICEA

Constipation (mild)—BRYONIA, NUX VOMICA, SILICEA

Desire for acids and coffee—ARSENICUM ALBUM

Desire for fats—NUX VOMICA

Desire for liquids, thirsty—Silicea

Hot liquids, small sips at a time—ARSENICUM ALBUM

Cold liquids, large amounts at a time—BRYONIA


Worse in the morning or after eating—NUX VOMICA

Worse when rising—Bryonia

Soreness, heaviness:

After eating—BRYONIA

Several hours after eating—NUX VOMICA

In the morning on waking, 1 hour after eating—PULSATILLA