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See below for classic descriptions of some common remedies. Consult the Materia Medicas to learn more.

ARNICA—After head injury/concussion or general injury or trauma. Sharp, pinching pains. Can be accompanied by vertigo or dizziness on walking.

BELLADONNA—Congestive, throbbing, intense intermittent pains. Can be brought on or made worse by sun or heat, light, or lying down. Better to sit quietly in the dark, applying pressure, and wrapping up.  Can be accompanied by heat, fever, redness of face and eyes, no thirst.

BRYONIA—Stooping, coughing, or constipation can bring on the pain. Sharp, tearing pains, ‘as if brain would burst from forehead’. WORSE FOR ANY MOTION, movement, better for cold applications, lying perfectly still. Can be accompanied by irritability and great thirst for large quantities at great intervals.

GELSEMIUM—Pain begins in cervical spine or occiput and extends over the head, causing a bursting sensation in forehead and eyeballs. Sensation of a band around the head over eyes. Worse from heat of the sun, mental exertion, smoking. Can be accompanied by heaviness of the eyelids, trembling or the headache could be preceded by auras or visual disturbances.

IGNATIA—Strong smells or tobacco smoke can bring on the pain and make it worse. Pain like a nail in side of head, or cramping at root of nose. Congestive headaches come on after anger or grief. Worse for TOBACCO, stooping, strong emotions. Better for lying on painful side of head.

NUX VOMICA—A hangover from overindulgence or going through a liver detox can bring on the pain. Headache in occiput or over eyes. Pressing pain on vertex like a nail. Worse in the morning, on mental exertion, cold. Better while at rest in the evening. Can be accompanied by photophobia, dizziness, and irritability.

RUTA—Can be brought on from EYE STRAIN. Eyes red, hot, and painful from reading fine print, looking intently. Pressure over eyebrows, eyes feel bruised and weary.

SILICEA—Pain begins in cervical spine or occiput and extends over the head, usually settling over one eye (especially the right) or to the vertex. Worse for drafts or uncovering the head. Better for pressure and warmth.