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See below for classic descriptions of some common remedies. Consult the Materia Medicas to learn more.

ACONITUM—Sudden onset from being chilled or exposure to dry, cold winds. Severe pain with restlessness and anxiety. Sensitive to noise.

APIS MELLIFICA—Stinging pain, worse on swallowing, warm applications, or being overheated.

BELLADONNA—Sudden onset from being chilled or in a draught. Throbbing pain, with a hot, red ear.

NUX VOMICA—Itching inside ear, increased swallowing. Sensitive to noise.

PULSATILLA—Most indicated CHILDREN’s earache remedy. Feeling of pressure behind eardrum, external redness. Weepiness, wants to be held, consolation ameliorates.

SILICEA—From blocked ear wax. Often accompanied by roaring in ears.